WhatsApp Plus Features: How is it Different From WhatsApp?

People always look for alternatives to WhatsApp, one of the most popular communication apps, to enhance their chatting experience. However, since the original app lacks certain features, its modified versions offer several useful and interactive options to make texting more fun.

A new addition to the modified WhatsApp apps is WhatsApp Plus. It comes loaded with several productive features to give you the ultimate chatting experience. Here we will discuss all its features in detail and what you should consider before using the app.

WhatsApp Plus Features

With an interactive WhatsApp Plus interface, you can do much more in the WhatsApp Plus app. It has several exciting features, and we have discussed most of them below. Check them out!

Hide Last Seen

It might seem like a common feature, which is also available on the official app. However, what makes it different is that you can also hide your last seen for specific contacts. The feature gives you more privacy.

Send Long Messages

The maximum number of characters allowed in WhatsApp is only 256, but WhatsApp Plus lets you send long messages with a character limit that you can increase according to your chat length.

Profile Picture and Status Hiding

You can hide your profile pic and status for particular contacts of your choice. The feature enhances your privacy, and you can share your photos and status with specific people and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Unlimited Group Contacts

You can add unlimited contacts to your groups and send messages to them simultaneously. You can save a lot of time by sending group messages to everyone without having to create separate groups.

There are No Ads

One of the best WhatsApp Plus characteristics is that it has no ads. Most modded apps come with ads and bring viruses and other malware. WhatsApp Plus offers a safe and secure user experience by not having any ads.

How is WhatsApp Plus Different from Original WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus is different from WhatsApp in several aspects. Some of them are discussed below.

-You can customize your chats with personalized themes and backgrounds. You can also change the font style and colors on the app.
-WhatsApp Plus supports multiple accounts. For instance, you can use 4 accounts simultaneously to connect with your friends and family.
-You can also undelete messages that you removed previously. So, if you accidentally deleted a sent message, you can reverse the deletion.
-Besides, if you don't want to receive voice calls, you can disable the feature in the settings. You can undo the selection whenever you wish to receive voice calls.
-The advanced blocking feature of the app lets you block numbers with specific digits in them. It prevents you from getting any calls or texts from those unknown numbers.

Download WhatsApp Plus to Explore more

WhatsApp Plus has several useful features that make it a better choice than the original app version. So, if you want to explore one of the best-modded apps of WhatsApp, download WhatsApp Plus WasPlus and experience the features yourself.