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Compatible withAndroid 5.0
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WhatsApp Plus APK May 2023 Latest Version for Android Free

WhatsApp Plus is definitively one of the top Apps that you should consider switching to in 2023, and that’s for a number of reasons. I’m sure many of you noticed the outages of Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp that happened recently. If you don’t want to feel like there’s no way to communicate with other people, don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

whatsapp plus apk wasplus
When it comes to communicating on WhatsApp, I’m sure that you’ve also wondered about some features that should already be on the app. However, they’re not because WhatsApp rarely does major updates and doesn’t listen to the community. That’s why WhatsApp Plus is going to help you get all the features that you desired and even more. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Indian user or from the United States these benefits work for both.

On top of that WhatsApp Plus and its servers didn’t go down when the whole world was panicking. The digital apocalypse didn’t happen for this app, and I’m sure this can be one of the best reasons why you should consider switching to it. Before continuing with the rest of the article, let’s first understand what WhatsApp Plus really is.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of Whatsapp messenger with additional features. It is developed to allow users to customize the application with useful features that go beyond what is offered. The main idea behind creating this new app is to give people more choices and freedom of choice. Just as WhatsApp solved a problem and now nearly a billion people are using it, WhatsApp Plus hopes to do the same.

First introduced to the market in 2012 by its leading developer Rafalete, this app hasn’t stopped improving and updating since. He created the app by modifying the original source code of WhatsApp. This resulted in several issues with Google Play Store, and that’s why it’s no longer available there.

However, in terms of legality, the team behind development says they’re in the grey area since it’s freeware, and they didn’t get an executive response from WhatsApp support either. You can only download the APK for this app which has a file size of 56.5 Mb, and it’s available for users with Android 5.0 version or higher.

WhatsApp Plus Settings

  • – Download sticker packs from PLUSWats

  • – Sticker maker

  • – Cleaner

  • – You can use different wallpapers

  • – Autoresponder is on

  • – You can use many themes

  • – Using new Widgets

  • – Custom app icons

  • – Status can be downloaded in this app

  • – Customize conversation screen with cool themes

  • – Customizable widgets

  • – Customizable Notifications Pop-ups

  • – Video status limit up to 10 minutes

  • – New fonts available

  • – Backup feature available

  • – Application Language

General settings

  • – PlusWast
  • – Restart WhatsApp Plus– Customizable chats– DND Mode is available

    – Message Scheduler

    – New Messager

WhatsApp Plus Functionality

As I previously mentioned, this app has some added functionality that you won’t find anywhere else. Some of them are also improvements from the original but still help make the experience more enjoyable. Without wasting any more time, let’s continue with the list of WhatsApp Plus functionality:

– Privacy Option

This is one of the most exciting features that this app has to offer. It allows you to hide your status from any person or group. It’s one of the best ways to continue talking freely with someone without being interrupted by anyone.

We’ve all had to deal with this at some point where we want to continue talking to someone, but we don’t want to appear online to others. This privacy option makes it possible, and it’s relatively easy to do too. This way you’re not going to feel bad about not writing back to someone you don’t want to at the moment.

– Appearance

Having your chats visually appealing is not something everyone thinks, but when you spend a lot of time talking with others, it’s nice to have a good-looking user interface. In fact, almost the whole UI (User Interface)of this app is customizable, from buttons, colors, animations, graphics, and more.

whatsapp plus how to download

On top of that, there are more than 500 free themes that you can choose from within the app. There’s a thriving community around themes for WhatsApp Plus that new ones are going to the marketplace each day. Theme installation is seamless, it happens inside the app, and the installation and setup are automated as well.

– Advanced Sharing Options

What Rafalete has done with this feature is nothing short of brilliant. He has taken the limitations of the original WhatsApp and has increased them by a lot. For example, there used to be 16 Mb file size limitations, but now it’s 50 Mb.

Also, you don’t have to worry about images or videos losing quality when you share them with others since the new system improves that. You can share HD images without losing quality, send videos longer than 30 seconds, and that has a size of 50 Mb; for audio, it goes up to 500 Mb.

– Additional Emoticons

We’ve all used emoticons when chatting with others, and it’s a way to give more meaning to a sentence and portray emotion. The developer felt that the ‘Original’ WhatsApp had too few emoticons, so he decided to add a lot more.

He included the Google Hangouts emoticons in this app as well. On top of that, you will find old emoticons for the old WhatsApp, later iOS devices, Androids, and more. The only downside is that only users who use WhatsApp Plus are going to see those emoticons.

– Anti Delete Option

This is one of the most amazing features that WhatsApp Plus has to offer. Do you also get annoyed when someone sends a message and then they delete it? Does it also frustrate you when you don’t see that message anymore and the other person refuses to tell you what was it?

Well, don’t worry, if you use WhatsApp Plus your messages are not going to disappear anytime soon. People will delete them from their phones and even if they check the option to delete them for you, they’re not going to disappear. It is the way you are protected and never going to lose any messages that people send you.

– Font Styles

This is one of the most popular features of the WhatsApp plus apk and that’s for good reason. Every person is unique and we all have different preferences when it comes to everything. That’s why having a font style that matches your own style it’s crucial and this application allows you to do that.

You can change the font style either for better visibility and more usability or you can simply do it for appearance. Both are valid reasons that shouldn’t be held from the user and that’s why they are offered in this modded WhatsApp apk.

– No More Limits

This is an interesting feature that’s implemented on WhatsApp Plus. It allows you to forward messages up to 250 characters long. This seems like a really specific thing to do but it’s really useful. There’s no other way to forward longer messages on the original WhatsApp.

I talked a bit above about the mod increasing the file size of the pictures and them not losing quality but there’s more. WhatsApp Plus has removed the limitation of forwarding pictures at one time. You can literally send more than 10 pictures at one go without having to worry about anything.

– Dark Mode

I’m surprised that this feature that is adopted widely in the world where every major company has done, hasn’t reached WhatsApp yet. However, don’t worry the WhatsApp Plus apk has brought this amazing and useful feature in the application with a simple click of a button.

whatsapp plus apk how to download

If you’re like me and you can’t handle working with websites or applications that are too bright then the Dark Mode is a MUST!  I can’t live without it when I browse other websites such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. Having this feature available to WhatsApp is going to make a huge difference in your life trust me.

– Custom Online Availablity

What I mean by that is that you can freeze the time when people have last seen you. You can be online and talk to someone but for the rest, you’re going to appear as if you were last seen online a few minutes, hours, or days ago. This is an extremely helpful feature that’s going to allow you to be available whenever you want without getting distracted by others or feeling like you need to reply to them.

However, this feature can become a bit sus when you reply to people and they see that you’re last seen a while ago so make sure you unfreeze it to avoid suspicion. Once people find out that you can do that they can assume that you’re deliberately not replying to them which is not good.

– Advanced Chat Settings

The WhatsApp Plus apk offers us some pretty cool chat features that you should take advantage of. First of all, you have the ability to choose whether you want to disable your messages to get forwarded or not. This is interesting and could come in handy in various situations.

Next, we have the ability to show or hide the blue ticks. Meaning you can read a person’s message and they wouldn’t understand at all if you read it or not. Compared with the Custom Online Availability feature you’re going to be completely stealth mode.

Finally, if you’re a person that doesn’t want to get disturbed by random phone calls then you can choose who can call you via WhatsApp. You can limit it to your contacts only, or to a select few people. This is an extremely useful feature that’s going to make sure you stay focused on your work.

Why You Should Install WhatsApp Plus?

One of the most important things about this modded Whatsapp is that it’s getting frequent updates from the developer who actually listens to the community. The updates are not only to fix bugs and to make the whole experience a lot smoother but it’s also to add some additional features.

whatsapp plus original

In the latest update of June 25, 2023, some of the most important features that were added are:

– Added Mention Mark

– Added Online or Offline Indicator

– Added Advanced Search Feature

– Added ‘Click on Status Caption to Copy’ Feature

– Upgrade QR scanning

– Set up desktop notifications

These and a lot more features were added in this latest update. Being constantly updated is a good reason for you to trust and believe in the vision that WhatsApp plus has. I highly recommend you install it!

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus?

As I briefly mentioned above, this app is no longer available on the Google Play Store, so the only way to install it is by downloading the APK. This is not a difficult thing to do, and there are just a few simple steps that you need to follow. Let’s look at how to install WhatsApp Plus on your mobile device with these steps:

– First things first, you need to download the WhatsApp Plus APK given from this link.

– Now you should get a backup of your chat by going to Settings->Chats->Backup. Wait a bit until the full backup finishes its process.

– Uninstall the ‘Original’ WhatsApp from your device, and you can do that from Google Play Store or directly.

– Now it’s time to install the WhatsApp Plus APK that you’ve downloaded before.

– You then need to go through the identity verification process, where you’re required to enter an OTP code. This process is fairly simple, and it’s the same with any application that uses this security measure.

– After that, you’re logged in to the app, enter your name and feel free to enjoy WhatsApp Plus and its remarkable list of added features and functionality.

whatsapp plus apk latest version

Closing Thoughts

I’ve been using WhatsApp for the better part of the last decade and it has worked perfectly for me. However, I knew that it always lacked some features, which made my experience with it less enjoyable. They’ve tried to keep up by implementing new things frequently, but it has never been enough.

With the introduction of WhatsApp Plus, Iwas finally able to enjoy this chatting app fully. All the added features were things I’ve thought needed to be there in the first place, and luckily thisdeveloper felt the same way as me. I’m truly happy that this app exists andthat it offers so much more, and it’s free.

Whether you’re in India or the United States you can download and use WhatsApp Plus without any problem whatsoever. I highly suggestyou install it on your device so that you enjoy the benefits and the additional features that this amazing modded WhatsApp application has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Plus

Are you thinking to download WhatsApp Plus MOD on your mobile phone but some of the most common questions and concerns are blocking your way? In this blog, we are going to answer some of the users most frequently asked questions regarding WhatsApp plus and its features from all around the world.

Learn whether the application is safe, secure, legal, and many things other in these Frequently Asked Questions.

Is WhatsApp plus Legal?

– Developed by Spanish developer Rafalete, WhatsApp Plus is a modified yet illegal version of Official WhatsApp. Usually, the official WhatsApp community ban WhatsApp Plus users temporarily; even some MOD developers had faced strict legal issues with the WhatsApp company. As a result, they had to discontinue selling their copies of WhatsApp plus. We suggest you use a different phone number for WhatsApp Plus.

Is WhatsApp Plus secure?

– Yes, the app is completely secure. WhatsApp Plus is one of the leading remodeled versions of the official WhatsApp with innumerable improved features and functions without changing the original code. The developers of WhatsApp Plus had worked on the exact same servers used by the official WhatsApp. Moreover, all the messages, calls, and data of the users are end to end encrypted without any possibility of decoding it from official WhatsApp or any other developer.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Plus and Official WhatsApp?

– Unlike WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus offers its users numerous customization options that include the ability to change fonts, themes, and interface colors of your app. Moreover, it offers its users multiple privacy and security options such as hiding your display picture when typing, freezing the last seen, viewing the deleted statuses and messages of your contacts, and more. On the other hand, official WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to install themes nor does it support multiple account options.

Is WhatsApp Plus anti-ban?

– Yes, WhatsApp Plus is genuine and anti-ban as it replaces the core components of the original apps. Actually, this amazing app seamlessly adds all those features and functions that were mistakenly left out of the initial WhatsApp release, not an exploit that causes harm or bypasses any application protection mechanisms.

Can WhatsApp Plus be downloaded on iPhone?

– Unfortunately, iPhone users cannot download WhatsApp Plus MOD on their phones. Just for now, WhatsApp Plus is currently only available for Android users. We will update you as soon as this MOD will be available for iPhone users.

I can’t install WhatsApp Plus? What should I do?

– You might be facing this problem because your phone already has an official WhatsApp application installed. Whether you’re downloading WhatsApp Plus or any other MOD on your phone, you first have to uninstall the official app from the phone.

The best alternatives to WhatsApp Plus

Although the WhatsApp Plus version is one of the most popular Mods among users. However, there are some good alternatives to WhatsApp Plus that differ in certain details that could better suit the needs of each user.

Yo Whatsapp

Yo WhatsApp Apk is a modified version from WhatsApp which is known for providing the best messaging experience with the feature of being able to use 3 phone numbers at the same time. The application has a lot of features that the official version of WhatsApp does not have. The WhatsApp mod is also known as YOWA, and it was developed by Yousef Al-Basha who handed over the development work to Fouad Mokdad.

Fouad Whatsapp – FMWhatsapp

This Fouad WhatsApp APK is based on YoWhatsapp. So you can see many settings like YoWhatsapp. It is a mod version of stock WhatsApp messenger which comes with a ton of advanced features that includes privacy & security feature, customization, app lock, and more. Fouad WhatsApp is still the user’s favorite. As its developer frequently releases new versions that contain several new exciting features and enhancements

WhatsApp Aero

Since the beginning of popularizing the various modifications of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero has stood out from the rest by providing an interface that is easier to distinguish from other mods like WhatsApp Plus or from the original application. . This AeroWhatsapp, in addition to providing thousands of themes that most MODs include, also has more than a dozen home screens of its own, which are said to be unique and only in this version of Aero.

GBWhatsapp Pro

Meanwhile, GBWhatsApp APK is also a mod of the official app, just like YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, FMWhatsApp, etc. The great thing about GBWhatsApp Pro is that you can use it alongside the official version of the app and run it on 2 phone numbers on the same device. Therefore, having two SIM cards on the same phone you can easily get the login code.


Other suitable versions to choose from: