Learn All About the Latest Blue WhatsApp Plus Features and Usage

When it comes to texting and sharing data, WhatsApp is the go-to option for many users. However, the app lags in many aspects, including features and the interface. Hence, the modified versions of WhatsApp emerged, one of which is the Blue WhatsApp Plus.

blue whatsapp plus latest version

The Blue WhatsApp Plus comes with several features that enhance the overall texting experience and give you a premium feel. One of the unique parts of this app is that you can disconnect the internet just for Blue WhatsApp whenever you want.
This article has brought you everything you need to know about the all-new Blue WhatsApp+ and its features.

Blue WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Features

Blue WhatsApp Plus offers you some of the most exclusive features you can get your hands on in a messaging app. The latest version of the modified WhatsApp gives you plenty of options to make your texting experience more fun and engaging.

So, check out some of the amazing features of the Blue WhatsApp Plus below!

Customize Your Home Screen

You get the choice to customize your Blue WhatsApp Plus home screen. You also get to change your chat window according to your wishes. Themes, wallpapers, and icons are all customizable in the latest version. You get plenty of icons and more than 5000 themes to customize your chats.

Send Pictures Without Limits

Now you can send as many pictures as you want. And guess what? You get to send high-resolution images. So, no more blurry group photos or low-quality selfies. Instead, you can send many high-quality pictures to your friends and family.

Turn Off Voice Call

Do you get a lot of calls from a particular person with whom you don’t want to talk? If you wish to stop receiving calls from a specific contact without hurting their feelings or blocking them, you can do so by simply disabling voice calls.

blue whatsapp apk download

In addition, you can enable the Who Can Call You feature by selecting the contacts that can call you.


Use Multiple Modded WhatsApp Versions

You can use the original WhatsApp and other modified versions like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and iOS WhatsApp simultaneously on the same device. Since all these apps are coded differently, you can easily use them on a single device simultaneously.

Scrollbar Customization

Blue WhatsApp comes with the option to change your scroller. You can select from many themes available in the theme store and download them automatically to modify the scroller style. Moreover, you can use any preferred scroller and add a personalized effect to the app.

Freeze Your Last Seen

This modded version of WhatsApp lets you freeze your last seen for contacts without hiding it, so you can sneak in on the activity of other contacts without revealing your own.Your contacts will only see the timestamp on your profile, which will remain constant as long as you choose to freeze it.

Backup and Restore

You can back up all your data from one device and restore it to another. In this way, you won’t lose your valuable chats and files even when changing your device. However, ensure to enable the backup feature so that the app automatically saves all your data so that you can transfer it to another device.

Change Background

You can change the background of your chats. What is more amazing about Blue Plus WhatsApp is that you can change the background of individual contacts and give each one a unique feature.

blue whatsapp plus download

It is one of the best ways to characterize your contacts using their chat background.

Long Video Status

You can upload a video status of more than 30 seconds on the app. If you like the videos of any of your contacts, you can easily download them to your device. You also get to send large video files to your contacts without effort.

Schedule Messages

If you are someone who forgets birthdays and anniversaries, scheduling messages is a life-saving feature. You can also schedule important events using the schedule message feature. It is that easy! Type your message for a particular contact and set a time to send it.

Hide Chats

If you don’t want anyone to sneak up on your private messages, you can easily hide conversations in Blue WhatsApp. Simply change the settings for each contact by going to the settings page or by long-pressing the chat you want to hide.
Then, if any of your contacts delete a message, you can still see them in your chats.

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Download and Installation

You can install the latest version of Blue WhatsApp Plus without any trouble by following the steps below.

However, you must ensure that you allow downloads from unknown sources before starting the Blue WhatsApp Plus download. You can change the settings under the security option in your device settings.

Step 1: Go to the File Manager on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to find the “Blue WhatsApp Plus APK file” and tap to select it.

Step 3: Selecting the file will prompt you to install it. Tap the Install button shown on the screen.

Step 4: If there is another prompt that asks permission to access contacts, storage, and SMS, click Allow.

Step 5: When the installation is complete, log into the app using your phone number.

Step 6: You will receive a message with an OTP to verify your mobile number. Type in the OTP to finish the process.

Step 7: After the verification is complete, you can set up the Blue WhatsApp Plus by following the instructions on the app.

blue whatsapp plus apk

The Blue WhatsApp APK download is available on third-party sites and the official Blue WhatsApp. You can easily download the latest version and follow the steps above to install it on your device.

Update Blue WhatsApp Plus v9.62 has:

– Quickly share any WhatsApp contact with the option in chat “direct contact link”.

– Listen to voice messages in other apps background.

– You can double tap to like a message. Long click on any message, then click the plus icon to react to any emoji you want.

– New “Share Link” feature that allows you to share your WhatsApp status with your friends via a link

– Improved “Privacy Settings” menu makes it easier to manage your privacy settings

– New “Status” tab allows you to see the status of your contacts

– Many bug fixes and performance improvements


Download App Blue WhatsApp Plus To Explore And Experience

As one of the fastest modified versions of the original app, Blue WhatsApp Plus gives you plenty of features to make your messaging experience more vibrant and user-friendly. In fact, the Blue Plus WhatsApp download is too easy and only takes a few minutes to finish. So, get it on your phone today to explore its broad spectrum of benefits.

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