If you are a person who keeps a tab on regular updates and modifications of technical applications, you’ve probably heard about the various apps that adapt features from official ones with improved features. Amongst many, WhatsApp Plus is one of the popular mods of official WhatsApp.

This application differs from the original application based on functionality and in-app modifications. So, in this particular article on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus – which are the differences, check out how the latter compares with the former application. 

WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Original: Differences and Comparison

Unlike the original app, WhatsApp Plus is not available on Google Play Store. Developed in 2012 by Spanish developer Rafalete, this app can be downloaded in the form of APK files and is available only for Android devices.

So, let’s look at how the mod application differs from the official one.

Interface and Customization

Both the official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus offer similar user interfaces. Both the applications have a three-part interface divided into texting, status, and calls.

WhatsApp Plus offers more user customization for fonts and themes than the official app with user flexibility.


When it comes to functioning, WhatsApp Plus works the same way as the official application. There is a video calling feature, audio text functionality, group messaging feature, audio calling feature, status, and call logs within the application.

Additionally, an auto-reply option is available in the mod application. But you can disable voice calls on WhatsApp Plus, which is not a usual feature on the official application.

Privacy and Security

WhatsApp Plus is less secure than the official app as it is typically downloaded or installed from unreliable sources over the internet. Therefore, your number is at the risk of being banned from the app. Additionally, your data might end up in the wrong hands if the app is downloaded from unreliable sources.

In terms of privacy, WhatsApp Plus has features to hide chats, profiles, status, read receipts, last seen, typing status, etc., in addition to seeing deleted messages.


The official app allows sharing pictures, videos, and audio files in their original format. But in WhatsApp Plus, you can change the size of the file, the resolution of images and videos, and the app’s overall appearance.

Over 700 themes are available for download in this mod app, while the original application has no feature of downloading themes. Although, you need to pay for some of these features.

What does WhatsApp Plus do that WhatsApp cannot?

The main advantage of using WhatsApp Plus over WhatsApp is customizing the whole application based on your preferences. In addition, several themes, font styles, widgets, and emoticons are available in the mod app, which is absent in the original one.

In addition, WhatsApp Plus offers an extension of the file size between 2 to 50 MB, compared to the limited 12MB file size. Another advantage of using WhatsApp Plus is that this application supports the usage of multiple accounts up to a limit of 4, which is absent in the official application.

Final Words

With the above-stated differences between the two messaging apps, you can now easily choose the suitable one for your use. Nevertheless, if you want to access additional privacy features and flexible in-app modifications, download WhatsApp WasPlus now!

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