With instant messaging apps, communication today is as easy as pie. Everyone uses these apps to either call or text in one way or another. WhatsApp Plus v12 is a modified version of official WhatsApp. Although several official messaging applications are available for Android and iOS devices, they have limitations.

So, various developers have created modified versions of instant messaging apps to overcome these limitations. Keep reading the article to learn about the benefits of the most popular mod app.

What is WhatsApp Plus v12?

It is a modified version of the official WhatsApp developed in 2012. This mod application has enhanced features in addition to the basic functionalities of the official version. However, the fundamental user interface works similar to the official app making it easier for the users to switch between the two applications.

Recently, the developers of this mod application have reworked the original code leading to an enhanced user interface with more features than ever. From hiding your status to unique themes, this mod application has gained popularity for its features.

Is WhatsApp Plus v12 Download for Android Free?

Since it is a modified version of the original application, WhatsApp Plus is not available on the play store. You can only download this app as an APK file, which is ready to be installed from various sources. WhatsApp Plus v12 is an exclusively available version for Android devices and can be installed from trusted sources on the internet free of cost.


To be able to download this app as part of the APK file, you need to enable the ‘Unknown sources’ in the application settings of your device. Once done, you can download the APK file and install it on your device by opening the file.

Features of WhatsApp Plus v12 APK

Some exclusive features and benefits of using this application are listed below.

Upgraded Customization

Users can customize the layout by changing themes, fonts, colors, headers, emoticons, etc., of the chats, home display, and icon launcher.

Improved Privacy

WhatsApp plus v12 apk descargar enhances user privacy by enabling an option to hide typing, recording, and reading status of chats.  

Enhanced User Interface

When you download the WhatsApp plus v12 apk mediafıre, you can schedule meetings, copy location, and view deleted messages with the anti-cancellation feature.  
Other key features of WhatsApp Plus version 12 are as follows.

Easy to install application file with no hidden charges

Includes an anti-ban feature that prevents your number from getting banned

Customizable theme layouts and myriads of emoticons.

Simple to use application with no third-party ads

Final Words

When downloading the WhatsApp plus v12 APK file, make sure it is extracted from trusted sources. Files from unreliable sources may contain malware that might get installed on your device once you open the downloaded file. Additionally, keep in mind that the application from reliable sources is entirely free to download.

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